Bewegen tot het klinkt

Creative work with music and movement - for childminders, nursery school, kindergarten and first year primary school teachers.

Babies and toddlers

Babies love it when you dance around with them. Singing, making music and movement are also an inseparable trio for toddlers. This refresher course shows how movement makes sound and music more intense. You will investigate how objects such as sticks, string, bubble wreaths, cotton wool, ribbons and scarves invite you to move in a specific way. From this, surprising ideas arise to work with musically.

This workshop is inspired by the ideas of Sherborne and Laban.

Pre-school and first grade primary education

Does your nose ever dance alone? What can your toes do with a rhythm and your belly button with a melody? Do your fingers feel music and can your elbows dance together? Music leaves no young child unmoved. Sound and music encourage them to express themselves with the whole body. How do musical parameters influence our movements?

But also the other way round: what influence does movement have on sound? What is the resulting sound of fast feet or swaying arms? How does a melody with dancing ears or eyes sound or... Can you also draw dance or is that drawing just music?

This training is based on the ideas of Rudolf Laban and Edwin Gordon.

Practical information

You can register for refresher courses at various training institutes.

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