1001 doors to polyphony

Counterpoint and polyphony are challenging terms, but they refer to fundamental building blocks of historical and contemporary music, from east and west, north and south. How do we approach polyphony, besides through theory and scores? How do you develop a feel for it? How does one voice lead and the other follow? What cultural, acoustic and bodily principles control the process?

In the first phase of this adventurous quest, sixteen passionate participants linked the voice and instrument to the ear by means of the body. Led by international experts, they investigated many different perspectives on polyphony, exploring historical, ethnic and contemporary approaches.

In partnership with the Alamire Foundation and with the assistance of international specialists, their research is now focused on the development of ‘1001 doors to polyphony’, a growing online collection of activities, inspiring examples and background information for anyone who wants to find out more about polyphony. The project aims to be easily accessible, with maximum applicability in practice and more background information for people who want to explore in greater depth.