with Tarek Atoui, Du Yun, Julia Gerlach and Vigdis Jakobsdottir

The course will include workshops, lectures, dialogues, debates and panels which first and foremost address artistic aspects and good practices in curating music and sound art today. Discussions in class will cover topics such as historical background, the challenges of public and private space, collaborative and participatory strategies, working with archives, the challenges of modern identity-politics and personification, curatorship as activism, curating social change, diversity, gender and inclusivity. Participants will take part in a public discussion and presentation on the last day of the festival. The course will focus more on ethical and positional questions as oppose to purely technical aspects like fundraising and production.

To qualify for the Curating Diversity Course, participants must have a traceable history of their own work with curatorship.

Participants must be prepared to present their own work and iscuss with the class any challenges they may have experienced themselves in this area. Letters of interest should include any questions that participants would like to explore personally, or feel would be beneficial to classroom discussion.