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Expertise is shared in training courses that we offer through a variety of training institutes. Additionally, we are regularly present as a guest speaker at national and international symposiums and congresses, where we present the methods and techniques used within out projects. Musica also possesses a seat in a variety of workgroups which center around the theme of musical education. 

We organises guest colleges for master students from LUCA Lemmensinstituut’s specific teacher training, with the themes; music for the young child and working in the informal sector. Leading, in the long term, to the possible organization of a postgraduate degree.  

In 2018 we published an international educational paper to coincide with the celebration of 40 years of Musica. 

In 2019 Musica; in collaboration with the IPEM-institute from Ugent, organised the international MERYC-conference (European Network Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children) in Flanders. Researchers, artists and music pedagogues will reflect on the theory and practice of the music education system for children aged 0 to 12. In 2020 we will organise a conference, together with Concertgebouw Brugge, around musical participation in European concert halls