Masterpiece: Beethoven Heartz

Music in your heart

You can see sound, you can feel sound.

Listening to music is nice, but there are other ways to experience sound. Vocal coach Emma Rekerss worked with deaf and hearing impaired students from Spermalie in Bruges. They made use of an installation developed by Stichting Logos whereby sound is depicted on water. This course of studies; wherein music, physics, mathematics and visual arts come together, flowed into a show moment preceding the performance of Beethovens Symfonie no. 9 by Anima Eterna Brugge.

Curious what that looked like? Watch the video below for a peak behind the scenes.

A project from Musica in collaboration with Concertgebouw Bruges, Stichting Logos, Spermalie and Kinderclub de Dolfijntjes