Masterpiece: Young Curators 2018-2019

How does the promise of a new world sound today? How can music express the hope of a communal future? With his ‘New World Symphony’ Antonin Dvorak created a musical expression of his experiences in a new land; America in the late 19th century with its mix of western and non-western cultures, fortune seekers, outcasts and former slaves. Using Dvoraks hopeful toned 9th symphony as an example, youth from Bruges started to work with music and other modern day forms of expression. 

In an alternative location and parallel with the performance of Dvorak’s symphony in the concert hall, they created a multidisciplinary evening which symbolized a modern day ‘new world’.

Dvorak’s music was integrated, via live stream from the concert hall; in the program that the youth filled.

Curious? Watch the aftermovie here: