Interact 2017-2022

Technology for interactive soundart

Yvan vander Sanden is a composer and app-developer. In the context of arts platform C-TAKT. In the coming years he will build on Interact, an open source environment for interactive audio art.

Clients can automatically connect (smartphones, tablets, wearables …), via a Wi-fi network, to the interact server. It is possible for composers and artists to use this server to model and define interactions that will be sent to clients. The relation between these models can also be stipulated. This creates a multitude of possibilities for interaction between the maker and user in terms of movement, light, information, and so forth.


  • 2017-2018: technical development Interact
  • Oktober 2018: creation at OORtreders
  • 2018-2019: development of an open source environment for composers and artists

With support from C-TAKT