Arts education LAB

During the practical arts education, fundamental questions are often brought up. The arts education lab provides a forum of exchange and connection for Musica’s artistic coordinators, artists and teachers, through the medium of try-outs and discussions.

The laboratories are set up in response to specific questions and problems that arise in Musica’s projects. They are the ideal place to challenge existing insights and skills from the days, to question habits, and look for innovative solutions together. In the Arts Education Lab, discussion on cutting edge concepts is possible and failure is permitted. New work forms emerge, existing ones receive an update and are put to the test.

These labs are a prototype of apprenticeship learning for all participants. Due to everyone contributing their own expertise, there is a constant shift from who introduces something and who takes something away. The participants help shape the way in which Musica’s educational practice evolves. This approach also increases their substantive involvement.

These labs are also a breeding ground for designing and fine-tuning of new training courses and workshops. At the same time, it becomes clear who is most eligible for giving a specific training or workshop.