Musica has been pioneering educational apps and online forums for thematic musical education for several years. Through this experience we have created media formats that combine the advantages of digital and live interaction and invite an immediate and active understanding of music. In the first instance via a growing collection of fun instruction films that can replace the traditional format of teaching material, but also via development of apps in an educational game environment (cf. CONNECT).

Traditional teaching materials can be more of a hindrance than helpful. You can communicate musical activities in a more direct manner via a film than with text from the teaching material: look, listen and doing are the maxims here. Various mediatools offer a piece of the solution.

We shall invite teachers and pupils to partake in fun and active musical action; via a growing series of instruction films, coupled with the content from for example: Musicaklassen and MusiMatrix. The film clips contain do-assignments with and for your body, voice and objects or instruments. It is not necessary for teachers to give instructions: watching and doing together is enough.  

In the context of CONNECT II Musica, together with specialised partners, created an interactive game-environment surrounding polyphony.