Babelut Workshop: Musical dialogues

Musical dialogues are workshops for children aged 0 to 3 and their parents. During these workshops, you and your child will take the first steps towards active musical development.

The workshops are based on the Music Learning Theory of E. Gordon, who is internationally renowned as one of the most important educationalists specialised in early childhood. His theory claims that musicality is acquired the same way as language, and that it is developed by singing, moving rhythmically, engaging with all kinds of notes and rhythms before notation and music theory are introduced. You can start with this before birth, because a child is already receptive to stimuli and sound in the womb! Gordon’s theory demonstrates that coming into contact with music at a very early age has a significant influence on future musical development. So it is a great idea to stimulate your child and bring them into contact with music through play, especially because it is so much fun for both the children and their parents!

We work in three age categories. As a parent or guardian, you will discover how you can make music with your child at home as well.

Practical information

Workshop duration: +/-30 minutes

‘Musical dialogues’ is also available as a series of 4 workshops each lasting +/-30 min.

Number of participants: 12 children, 1 active parent per child

Interested?, 011 610 510