Babelut Workshop: Musical Kamishibai

Kamishibai is a form of Japanese narrative theatre. Literally, it means ‘paper theatre.’ It is a bit like a television; the A3 sheets with drawings are the images of an animated film, each sheet depicting a scene from a story.

In the workshop Musical Kamishibai we will work musically with existing or invented stories and materials. 

Do you like to make up stories? Do you notice that when music accompanies the stories, it supports the story? What if the music determines the course of the story, and the children use their imagination to create their own musical story, enhanced by prints of the Kamishibai? 

A typical Babelut Workshop where the autonomy of the children is always paramount.

Practical information

Age: 2-6 years

Workshop duration: +/-30 minutes

Number of participants: 12 children, 1 active parent per child

Interested?, 011 610 510

*By actively participating as a (grand)parent with your child, the intensity of making music together is enhanced and you become familiar with the techniques so that you can work with them at home afterwards. Standing or sitting on the sidelines is not an option. But don't worry, you can do nothing wrong!