Training course: Creative Voice games

Investigate the possibilities of your own voice - for child-minders, crèche supervisors, teachers of pre-school and first year of primary school.

Babies and toddlers

Babies and toddlers are often in a rush to discover and begin experimenting with their voices. Think for example about the first jabbering (babbeling) sounds from babies and the shouts of toddlers. This workshop deals with the importance of singing with young children and discovering your own vocal possibilities. We investigate how it is possible to find your head voice, with simple exercises, and how to sing in a “safe” vocal range for toddlers. We discover creative voice games which you can use at home, in the crib or at school to bring rest, attention, questions, consolement …

Pre-school and first year of primary education

Through creative games (re)discover the possibilities of your own voice. Laugh exercises, breathing techniques and vocal control are cleverly packed into fun songs that unknowingly aid in with good vocal practice. You discover how to use the musical games to bring rest or to ask for attention. Do you think to yourself that you can’t sing (well)? This training course will persuade you otherwise.

Practical information

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