Training course: I am (not) musical

This training course approaches musicality as a cluster of skills that everyone possesses. It opens doors for an artistic approach to musical development (for all abilities) regardless of prior knowledge. For teachers of all (educational key stages/grades) educational levels and part-time arts education, and for students in higher arts education.

Actively get to know the diverse perspectives of musicality. Discover their correlations. Think more from a musicality standpoint instead of treating music as object. Assess the musicality of your students more efficiently. Recognise chances for development. Investigate the relationship between music as communication and expression and it’s artistic dimension. Attain a broader view on musical development from primary auditory and creative work forms. Vary and adapt them for a range of abilities. (Re)connect with your musical self.

This training course lasts 3-5 hours (dependant on appointment and subject to the specific needs of the target group) and is ideal for training seminars.

Practical information

For more info or to book a training tailored to your needs: Tel. +32 11 610 510,