Training course: musical dialogues

This training course deals with sound language in play, or the creation of musical dialogues with young children (aged 2.5 to 6 years old).

The purpose of a musical dialogue is to communicate with each other. Expressivity, mimesis and movement are therefore of great importance.

Try to have a conversation without making any facial expressions, first from the speaker and then from the listener. The communication will quickly stop or fall still. Thanks to an expressive expression the listener stays interested and the speaker feels like they are being heard.  

In musical dialogues we use the musical language as a form of expression. There is little to no actual speech used. There is only musically “spoken”. This happens by playing with musical parameters such as tonal range, tonal strength, tempo, tonal length and timbre, and experimenting with the voice in all of these facets.  

Musical dialogues consists of the following elements:

  • Voice exploration
  • Playing with musical parameters
  • Musically speaking: 3 pillars
  • Movement
  • Musical dialogues
  • Different manners of listening to the young child
Practical information

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