Training course: Tonal Tools for keyboard players

Working differently with tonal music - for keyboard teachers from the part-time art education and higher music education.

The musical education system is on the move, artistic tendencies and scientific insights broaden our vision of musicality. Does the traditional repertoire still have a place here? Of course. You don’t just throw old insights and skills overboard. Recent musicological investigation sheds a different light on the manner in which musicians, from baroque till the 19th century, became proficient in their craft. Fundamental similarities between the old practical manuscripts and the contemporary approaches of jazz and pop were brought to light. During this session you will be introduced to a different, innovative and proven method of dealing with tonal music. 

Tonal Tools can be applied to all tonal language and connects the repertoire from baroque to romantic, jazz and pop with improvisation and composition. Do not expect a formal methodology. Everyone can use Tonal Tools at their own tempo, using their own insights and existing didactic methods. Count on a better integration of musical insight and skills, a more reliable memory and smoother sight reading. Add in an extensive and varied musical fantasy, more expression and more enjoyment. 

Tonal Tools opens up new artistic and (self)teaching perspectives, and can significantly expand your current professional expertise.

Practical information

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