Tablemusic 0-3 years

The purpose of Tablemusic is, along with fun and games, to create a context wherein musical learning is stimulated in the warm, safe environment shared by the children and day care staff. By promoting musical play, we offer the little ones and their caregivers enjoyable, creative and imaginative experiences. Experiences which encourage and support the little ones in their own emotional, social and communicative development. We want to encourage caregivers to incorporate these musical games as a regular part of their daily routine.

That’s why we utilize the so called ‘tripak’ method. ‘Tri’ stemming from the word trio (the caregiver, the children and the coach from Musica) who work together in a musical game, and ‘pak’ stemming from package, a collection of the offered products consisting of a workshop, training course and experimentation.

We start out from an equivalent role for each participant whereby everyone is encouraged to bring their musical creativity on board. Both child, caregiver and the coach can play the role of motivator, imitator and communicator. Due in part to the fact that this process occurs directly on the work floor, the possibility to observe closely and react rapidly is a great trump card.

During Tablemusic we make musical creations with children from the day care and their caregivers. Each material makes its own sound. And how do they sound together? In this way children and caregivers become aware of the musical potential in everyday materials and situations. The day care staff are provided, on the workfloor, with the tools to immediately take action. Tablemusic strengthens their musical self confidence to add colour, in a creative manner, to their daily routine through the childlike wonder connected to everything that makes sound.