Ukelila Coaching

Vision development and coaching for teaching teams from part time arts education and primary schools that, in the context of the Limburg’s Ukelila-project, apply themselves to an integrated musical development for socially vulnerable children, with an aim to develop their autonomy, solidarity and self-confidence. The project explores and underpins new ways around general and specific musical development within a context of diversity, wherein ‘music as purpose’ and ‘music as resource’ meld together...

The last few years have seen many, nationally and internationally, successful initiatives centered/focused around making music in connection with orchestra at schools. 

This project is not a motive for Musica to copy existing formats, but an invitation to think fundamentally about the power of musical interaction and the link between/with expression and creation.  

A range of teachers from DKO Genk are actively involved. Under guidance from Musica they are encouraged to experiment with innovative working methods within the interconnected reference framework.

Therefore, Ukelila has impact in different ways and directions. It is a fantastic experience for the children from the day school to make music in a real orchestra. Teachers from the day school get to know an approach that is based on interaction and creation. Teachers from the DKO explore new ways to develop the instrumental technique and musical insight by integrating these factors from the outset.  

In collaboration with vzw MIK.