Tonal Tools

This international publication is the result of the Connect I project. The research for the publication started in spring 2012, with twelve passionate keyboard teachers from Flemish part-time art education. From an introduction in the principle of historical partimento practice, connections were made with current didactics in jazz and light music.

The inspirational book Tonal Tools forms a contemporary ‘toolbox’ to get started creatively and insightfully with tonal music, regardless of the idiom. The publication offers tools for a more aurally embodied and intuitive handling of tonal polyphony on keyboard from the outset.

Tonal Tools is not a new keyboard methodology, but can be integrated ‘à la carte’ into existing teaching practices. Even those with little or no experience of creative music-making can gradually make the material their own.

Tonal Tools makes it clear that the integration of creative practice, instrumental skill and theoretical insight is not a utopia, but ties in with an age-old tradition and current scientific insight.