Think-And-Do Tank

Musica gathers ideas and insights from the upper and lower currents in music and sound art. Through artistic and scientific research we develop innovative environments for participation, creation and education. We provide a high quality framework for each project.

Pioneers And Future Makers

Musica opens up new pathways to the future. We experiment with ideas and developments with the power to transform art and society. We use them to develop creative projects with local and international resonance.

Bridge Builders

The Musica network is always growing and expanding. We continually meet new creative minds from all sorts of target groups, genres and sectors, young and old, thinkers and doers. Through sound and music we build bridges between people, between man and nature, between man and technology.


Musica aims to create new paths in music and sound art that have the power to transform art and society. We want to forge links between people, between people and nature, between people and technology.

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Musica consists of a unique team of sound and music specialists supplemented by support staff.

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Since its foundation in 1978 Musica has already accomplished a lot.

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Musica can count on volunteers for events and supporting tasks.

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