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Once again, the Concertgebouw in Bruges formed the backdrop for a magical, organic MusiMatrix course. For one week, more than a thousand schoolchildren were immersed in contemporary music during the First Class Concerts (7 to 10 March).

This year, we worked with the Down The Rabbit Hole collective around the difference between living things and inanimate objects. Can we breathe life into simple objects? How do we grow into a superorganism? What does nature teach us about working together?

Using found materials, their own bodies and voices, they transformed the first classes into a resonating ecosystem. The children passed by a musical operating table, brought a Frankenstein monster to life, and became performers in a composition based on… touch. During the closing performance, musicians, children, and teachers came together to form one large breathing organism.

Watch the aftermovie of MusiMatrix 2022 here:

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