Art Education + Cell Biology = CACAO

Early this year saw the first convention of the innovative project CACAO. Musica collaborates with 6 other European partners on the development of an educational program that applies music and art to familiarise children with biological concepts. 

CACAO stands for “Cell Biology and Art Class Omnibus”. This unique Erasmus + project brings together a European team of researchers in biology and music, artists, pre-school teachers, and experts in technology-assisted learning. Together they will create a unique pre-school learning program blending cell biology with music, dance, and visual art.

The two-year project is a partnership of 7 organisations in 5 European countries: Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (project coördinator, HR), Kindergarten Petàr Pan (HR), Fabula Movens (HR), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (ES), Musica Impulse Centre (BE), Kindergarten Il Girotondo (IT) and Embassy International School (PL).

Visit the website for the CACAO project.



    A collaboration focusing on deepening and diversifying crucial skills, knowledge and attitudes of pre-school teachers in Europe and beyond. The Cell Biology and Art Class Omnibus (CACAO) project brings together researchers in biology and music, artists, kindergarden teachers, educators and technology-enhanced learning experts from 7 European countries to create a unique pre-school curriculum that links …

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