heardrops #12


The 12th episode of our educational animation series hEAR DROPS makes you stop and listen to the many layers of sound that you encounter in a city every day.

Each city is a rich soundscape brimming with life. You are invited to listen carefully. Often you don’t even notice how many sounds you hear all at once! The traffic, the buzz, but also the birds, a crying baby, sirens blaring.

Sit down on a bench and close your eyes. Start listening, shifting your attention between the different layers of sound you hear. This way, you become more aware of the sounds around you, each connected to different threads of life.
Take a deep breath, and LISTEN to the City Layers.

Fun fact: the colors used in this video were inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s painting ‘L’Oise à Auvers’ (1890).



    An online series of non-verbal, animated cartoons for an audience of children, parents and teachers. Each video contains playful ideas on sound and music that invite subtle sensory interaction. All exercises are extensivelytested in Musica’s practice sessions. Each episode is accompanied by an artlink that refers to the broad world of the arts. You can …

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