In hEAR DROPS #13, you get to work with an everyday object that houses a lot of surprising sounds: the ruler.

An action you might perform every day can still inspire the creation of music. A simple object in your daily environment can be used to make sounds. If you keep repeating one sound, you already have a musical sequence. And just wait: after a while, everyone around you will spontaneously start playing along.

hEAR DROPS #13 ‘Rule the Ruler’, explores the musical possibilities of a simple ruler. You will be surprised how many different sounds you can make: make the ruler vibrate against the table, slide it back and forth, use a rubber band as a guitar string… the possibilities are endless. And everyone in the classroom has the same ruler, so soon you will be performing together as a ‘ruler orchestra’!

Every hEAR DROPS is accompanied by an ‘Artlink’ to a well-known work of art or artist. This time it is M.C. Escher, the master of geometric illusions.



    An online series of non-verbal, animated cartoons for an audience of children, parents and teachers. Each video contains playful ideas on sound and music that invite subtle sensory interaction. All exercises are extensivelytested in Musica’s practice sessions. Each episode is accompanied by an artlink that refers to the broad world of the arts. You can …

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