The new hEAR DROPS video: Paperwork

Paperwork is boring? Musica doesn’t think so!  Our new hEAR DROPS video #11 transforms ‘Paperwork’ into a game with paper. 

Paper is a rich material for producing all kinds of sound. You can experiment with different types of paper, or different ways of making sounds with them: creasing, ripping, rubbing and rustling. Evolve from playing with mere sound textures to building timbral or rhythmic structures. 

As always there’s only one rule to hEAR DROPS: no rules, you only have to listen, imitate, react and create new compositions. The short animations are meant to instigate interactions between children and adults in a playful and accessible manner. An artlink to an existing work provides further inspiration.

Watch hEAR DROPS #11:



    An online series of animated cartoons for an audience of children, parents and teachers. Each video contains playful ideas on sound and music that invite subtle sensory interaction. All exercises are extensivelytested in Musica’s practice sessions. Each episode is accompanied by an artlink that refers to the broad world of the arts. You can find …

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