Zintuin Intervention 1: Jacqueline Hamelink

This school year, Musica is organising six artistic interventions under the moniker ‘Zintuin’ in primary schools and a music academy in Flanders and Brussels. Each time, a group of pupils and their teachers are confronted with a musician-artist. Musica also interviews all those involved about this unique experience, their artistic attitude and their findings about their own work or learning path.

In 2022, the Erasmus+ project SenseSquared was launched. Six European partners from the artistic, educational and university sector work together on the central question: how can a sensory approach and an artistic attitude in education contribute to a more connected and sustainable world?

One of Musica’s contributions to this project is called ‘Zintuin’. Every month, we visit a number of schools in Genk, Geraardsbergen and Schaarbeek together with a remarkable musician-artist. Without any prior knowledge, the pupils, accompanied by their teacher, get to experience a musical presentation. Afterwards, there is an open conversation with the artist about the thoughts, feelings and ideas the performance evokes in them. In this way, children and teachers are inspired to interact and discuss the following weeks themselves, and if possible create something together in the spirit of the intervention. The whole intervention invites them to look at learning processes and teaching practices from different perspectives and reflect on them in depth. How do we relate to each other? How do we stand in the world? Can a more sensory approach and artistic attitude contribute to better education?

A project like this is also a unique experience for the musicians themselves. In a short interview, we gauge their own experience of the intervention week. What do they notice in the children and their teachers? What reactions surprise them? And what do they themselves learn from the interventions about their own artistic practice?

In September, the project kicked off with cellist Jacqueline Hamelink’s intervention. In an improvisation, she sought an artistic confrontation with the painting ‘The Road’ by the Genk-based artist Sylvia Zach. You can watch our interview with Jacqueline below:

SenseSquared is a partner project of Musica (project coordinator) and Companhia de Música Teatral, Sisters Hope, Marres House for Contemporary Culture, Stavanger University and Maastricht University.

SenseSquared is an Erasmus+ project co-funded by the European Union.

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    Connect III Six European partners work together on the central question: How can a sensory approach and an artistic attitude contribute to an education that leads to a more connected and sustainable world? Through artistic interventions and workshops, we want to demonstrate that this approach can and should become the heart of all education. Adopting …

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