Composed Nature
Staalplaat Soundsystem & Lola landscape architects


Twenty-four birches are equipped with vibrating motors that can be activated from a distance to make the leaves rustle. The controllable vibration generates noise fields that surround the visitors. The group of motorized trees forms a sensitive but powerful and interactive instrument that invites to improvise and compose. A (super)natural experience is created with apparently passive actors in everyday life: trees.

A co-production by Musica, Z33 – Kunst in de Open Ruimte & PCT Dommelhof.

Z33 Kunst in de Open Ruimte is supported by the Flemish Government’s Fund for Cultural Infrastructure.

Staalplaat Soundsystem (NL) is the platform on which Geert-Jan Hobijn designs and builds all kinds of sound installations. These projects originate from his interest in the acoustic elements and the social function of the public area.

LOLA landscape architects is a Rotterdam based design office founded in 2006 by Peter Veenstra, Eric-Jan Pleijster and Cees van der Veeken. With spot-on ideas and actions based on a combination of research and design, LOLA (LOst Landscapes) wants to bring new life to forgotten, worn-out and changing landscapes.