Klankenbos Residencies

Het Klankenbos is a physical space that inspires artistic development in sound art and new music. Every year, several young sound artists or art school students are supported in their artistic practice, with substantive coaching and technical support. The focus is on the development of new and adventurous ideas in sound and music, in relation to other art forms, ecology, public space and new technologies. The artists will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with international artists, or present the results of their work to the public during a showcase event.

The Musica Residences are a collaboration with C-TAKT and Provincial Domain Dommelhof

© Kristof Vrancken

Past residencies:


Showcase Emerging Sound residencies
Showcase Emerging Sound is an annual sampling of 4 promising sound artists in Belgium, organised by STUK, Q-O2 and Musica.
Three artists from the 2022 batch worked on their showcase performance in a Klankenbos residency during the spring:

  • Raphael Malfliet – Governors (07-10/02)
    An examination of the interplay between feedback signals – the harmonic interplay, but also the unpredictability.
  • Léa Roger (28/03-01/04)
    In her work for harp and mechanical bow, Léa explores physical immersive experiences that put us in a state of semi-hypnosis.
  • Vica Pacheco (16-22/04)
    With a series of beautiful flute sculptures, Vica opens up a totally new sound universe based on an ancient musical and ritual practice.


  • Amber Meulenijzer – SAAB SCULPTURE VI: PLACES UNSEEN (25-29/05)
    Artist Amber Meulenijzer transforms her iconic Saab 900 into a reflective sound sculpture. The audio piece PLACES UNSEEN was composed to suit the twelve Toa speakers on the roof and resonates with the acoustics of the surroundings.
  • Anne van de Star – Bling rrring (27-29/05)
    The installation Bling rrring (2020) was created during a residency at Atelier Lucas Pellens, as part of OORtreders Festival. During the residency, it was transformed into a work in dialogue with the environment of Klankenbos.
  • Begüm Erciyas – Forest Silent Gathering (26-31/07)
    The audience is invited into a forest at sunset. Without a leader figure, the audience itself becomes host, while listening to a soundtrack via headphones. The sound piece introduces its own social rules and leads to new forms of togetherness.
  • Wim Pelgrims – BOLSTER[bubbels] (20-24/09)
    A twofold quest: on the one hand, a personal evolution of Pilgrims as a post-instrumentalist; on the other, an exploration of different ways of interaction between performer and audience. All this in the setting of personal abstract, aesthetic world.


  • Jacob Vanneste & Charlotte Peys – Litanie van het thuisgeluid (02-08/11)
    Cartoonist Peys & ‘sound artist’ Vanneste gleaned sound clips of people during the lockdown period. From this, they create in sound and vision a sound ritual against lesser times.


  • Myriam van Imschoot – New Polyphonies (16-19/10)
    From the art and practice of polyphony, an examination of installations and concerts as a context for sound performances centred on listening follows.
  • Iosif Kiraly (30-31/10)
    The Romanian artist developed a sound artwork in Pelt as part of Europalia.