An international internship for composition and creation led by top-level artists and teachers. Young people and adults with a passion for composing and creating spend five days pushing the boundaries of their own musical imagination. For one week they intensively prepare for a public presentation. A number of works will be selected for performance in a follow-up programme. Collaboration: Landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, HERMESensemble, Centre Henri Pousseur, JOWest, Koor&Stem, Vlaams Radiokoor and Matrix

  • SoundMine 2022

    SoundMine 2022

    Every year, Musica organizes the SoundMine composition internship, in collaboration with HERMESensemble and Center Henri Pousseur. In the beautiful surroundings of Grand Commandery Alden-Biesen, a group of young composers receives expert coaching for a week to fully develop their compositional qualities. The exploration of new styles and experiments with improvisation and notation are strongly encouraged. …

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