In SonoKids we investigate how the playful interaction with sound and music can be integrated in the daily working of an after-school children’s day care centre. This pilot project is run in collaboration with “De Spetter” Children's day care centre in Merksplas. The project is coached by Musica and supported by KIKO.

Coupled with the spontaneous play from the children (aged 2.5-12) and artistically enriched through the input from the two artist-teachers, SonoKids strives to stimulate a basic musical disposition in both the children and day care staff. Musical interactions are created organically and whilst playing on the work floor. The artist adds new musical elements, without imposing on or taking control of the children’s spontaneous play. The creative, musical and authentic interaction with each other; allows for investigation, experimentation and the discovery of new musical playing forms. All participants - children, daycare staff and artists - take turns playing the role of motivator, imitator and communicator. The participants gradually grow their ideas and capabilities for expression.

The daycare staff are substantively coached on the work floor by a project leader from Musica and a head coach from IBO De Spetter as well as a pedagogical coach in training. The lead member of staff, who serves as the local supervisor, ensures the daily continuity of the project. The artist-teachers gradually bring the expressive-musical play to another level. They allow the collected material to result in a show moment.