Core values

In addition to artistic and aesthetic values that we as an arts organization naturally hold in high regard, we share a general framework of values that serves as a compass. After all, working together means caring for each other and constructively seeking solutions to challenges and frictions, not only within the team but in all layers of our organization.


comes from within

Musica stands for enthusiasm. We are enthusiastic and we enthuse. We maintain a collective optimism. We are goal-oriented, but we are also flexible enough to make adjustments when coincidences cross our path. We often find exactly what we are not looking for. We strive for pragmatism and a problem-solving approach. The individual inner motivation leads to a common work ethic where humor, a critical sense and perseverance come together.


we share with each other

Trust stands for reliability and integrity. We treat each other with respect and offer a safe place within our organization for all employees. The team stands for togetherness, more ‘we’ than ‘I’, more ‘we’ than ‘you’.

Trust also means giving space to experiment and explore, to shine and to fail. This is how we help each other grow. We have made the choice to evolve towards a structure in which all team members are not only equal but also feel equal. Trust is the foundation for this.


we radiate

A conscious approach to ecology and the relationship between man and nature is a focus that is gaining in importance. We like to go a step further: we strive to transcend the temporary nature of our activities. Experiences are lived and then are only a memory. However, in every activity a seed is planted that can develop further. Our adaptive methodology gives us the space to continuously develop, adjust and expand internal and external processes. This helps Musica to further embed itself in the broad cultural and social field.