Doors of Listening
Félix Blume


The residents of the refugee shelter in Pelt take you along in their stories and living environment. Listen to their voices and soundscapes, in the middle of the forest, through the doors of some villagers. With this work, Sound artist and field recordist Felix Blume invites everyone to listen as a means of mutual understanding and critical thinking. Like a tacit mass; the doors wait for you to approach, press your ear against them and make time to meet those who may already be in a different place. Their sounds vibrate deep inside the material of the door.

The installation is the result of a collaborative process with the residents of the Red Cross Refugee Center Overpelt. In a participatory process they were guided to express themselves through sound. Through the doors, you hear songs, memories, stories, voices and dreams of people on the run. They literally get a place in the landscape and in this way claim their presence and audibility.

A project by: Abeer, Ahmad, Bashir, Dieubéni, Familia Kadicana, Farhad, Getou Kabika Tshingambu, Gerebrhan, Isaac Junior, Manuel, Mila, Najem Alhamoud, Patricia Abigail, Rejoice, Safet, Sali, Sebastián, Yasin Dawoud and Félix Blume.

‘Doors of Listening’ is a collaboration of CC Palethe, C-TAKT, C-TAKT+, Gemeente Pelt, Musica Impulse Centre, Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Province of Limburg and Red Cross Refugee Center Overpelt.

Félix Blume (FR) is an international sound artist and sound engineer. His work focuses on listening and uses sound as the basic material for compositions, videos, actions and installations. His process is often collaborative, with different communities, with the public space as context.