la pluie joyeuse
Frédéric Le Junter
& Studio Philippe Druez


la pluie joyeuse (The soUndclOud) in Pelt is a collaboration between Frédéric Le Junter, Philippe Druez and Heide Bertram. Hanging from the three-and-a-half-metre-tall installation are three plates, each representing a cloud. The corrugated plastic and aluminium plates, each have their own sound character. The sound of rain becomes audible when two wheels are turned. An interplay of cogs, gears and axles causes mallets with cork, steel wire and nylon cable ties to hit the plates. Evoking a thunderstorm can be done by subtly pulling the ‘thunder cable’ that makes one of the plates vibrate. The installation consists mainly of recycled metals and synthetics and is fully recyclable.

la pluie joyeuse is the result of a collaboration between Musica Impulse Centre and Meakusma, with the financial support of the Flemish government and the German-speaking Community with the aim of promoting cultural cooperation and exchange between the two communities. In Sankt-Vith, along the Vennbahn, you can visit the sister installation la pluie joyeuse.

Frédéric Le Junter (FR) is a French artist interested in landscape and sound materials, randomness, hesitation and improvisation. At just 5 years old, he started building sound objects, using cardboard and found objects.

Philippe Druez (BE) has developed a growing practice with a variety of interactive and multimedia installations in which he places the participant as an inseparable part of the aesthetic experience. The installations are multi-sensory, interactive, layered, philosophical and challenging.

Heide Bertram (DE) studied singing at Musikhochschule Münster and obtained a Master’s degree in Music. She calls herself ‘Klangnomade’ and works with all kinds of analogue sounds, especially in experimental and improvised music.