© Kristof Vrancken

Radio Forest
Amy Franceschini & Stijn Schiffeleers
/ Koen Deprez


Radio Forest was initially developed as a radio station to broadcast the moods of the forest. Artist Koen Deprez transformed the small building by slicing it in two and placing a layer of glass between the two halves. His source of inspiration for this artistic intervention was the tale of The Bremen Town Musicians.

Radio Forest constantly broadcasts soundscapes by promising sound artists. You can also see mobile sound installations there, such as Muziekdozen (Music Boxes) (2005) by Moniek Darge, FluisterOren (Whispering Ears) (2005) by Baudouin Oosterlynck and Musiscopes (2007) by Eric Van Osselaer.

The radio station is also used as an info point for visitors and the place where guided tours and other activities in Het Klankenbos begin. It has a digital information stand where you can consult a map, listen to soundscapes, leave your reaction, etc.

The info point is accessible daily from 8.00 until 18.00. There is light and sound daily between 8.00 and 22.00.

Amy Franceschini (US) founded Futurefarmers, a co-op including a design studio and an international artist in residence program. Stijn Schiffeleers (BE) reveals the subtleties of life. He is cofounder of Boutique Vizique.

Koen Deprez (BE) gives rise to architecture, design, exhibition outline, etc. His projects are consequently obvious, but radical at the same time. Typical for him are chic material choices, concepts emerging from literature, shapes revealing craftsmanship,…