© Kristof Vrancken

Leif Brush


Windribbon is a long brass strip 0.8 mm thick and 1 cm wide, stretched taut between two trees. The ribbon acts like the string of an instrument. Rain, wind and falling objects such as twigs and pine needles make the ribbon move. The vibrations and sounds of collisions are captured by contact microphones and amplified through a speaker.

The installation in Het Klankenbos is a replica of the original installation that the artist, Leif Brush, made in his back yard in 1975.

Leif Brush (USA) is a pioneer of sound art with a fascination for nature. He studied art at the School of the Arts Institute in Chicago. Some of the work he made as a student aleady contain the elements that would come to play a central role in his later work. For example, one of his projects was a huge wind harp built on the school roof. Brush later became a professor at the University of Minnesota. He gradually developed his Permanent Forest Terrain in the wooded garden at his home.