Inner Life


Inner Life is a large-scale, open, interactive, participatory, experimental multimedia installation. The work is as much a composition as an alchemical formula or a game. It is a recipe for artistic experimentation in which all possible musical personalities and groups can participate.

Wim Henderickx composed a new score, with a duration of seven x seven minutes, for a basic instrumentation of seven ‘initiates’. The score is partly through-composed, partly open-ended; precisely notated in some places, graphically represented in others. The piece consists of musical objects on the one hand, some melodic, some timbral in nature, some concrete, some random. On the other hand, different ‘performance strategies’ or paths are proposed. The composition starts from a basic line-up of seven performers, but has several passages to other performance layers, which can be interpreted by a multitude of performers. A performance of Inner Life is always different.

In principle, the work can be played by seven performers. But Inner Life is also suitable for involving many more people in the alchemical crucible, including larger groups of performers. Choirs, brass bands, percussion groups, amateur societies of different levels can participate and collaborate in a living laboratory and experimentally create a new work of art and experience. The composition is suitable for participation in all kinds of art disciplines, music, dance, free expression but also, live action drawing and video art. Inner Life is realised by performing the seven parts of the piece in one day. Each part is a performance unto itself.

Audiences are invited to broaden their usual concert experience. Listeners can experience one, several or all performances of Inner Life, in whole or in part. The usual, linear experience of a concert is replaced by a cyclical event.

Composition: Wim Henderickx – Electronics: Jorrit Tamminga – Production: Muziektheater Transparant – Dramaturgy: Kevin Voets


Saturday 5 October 2024


TABLOO, Dessel


Musica enters into a long-term cooperation with visitors’ centre Tabloo in Dessel. This is a connecting meeting place resulting from a co-design with local partners. Musica will set up participatory music and sound projects at Tabloo, focusing on time and the connection between different generations.

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