Premiere KOKOON+

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Dive into the wonderful world of KOKOON+; where music, dance and imagination merge into an unforgettable experience. This premiere is your exclusive chance to be the first to experience the magic of KOKOON+, an enchanting performance specially designed for young children and their companions. Come and be swept away by the harmony of sound and movement!

KOKOON+ is no ordinary performance; it is an interactive concert that is about friendship and being yourself, perfect for children aged 2 to 6. With talented artists such as Jacqueline Hamelink (Cello), Jasmien Gys (vocals) and Georgia Nicolaou (dance) under the artistic coordination of Loes Bruyninckx, KOKOON+ guarantees quality and inspiration.

KOKOON+ is a concept of Musica Impulse Centre
KOKOON+ is a co-production of Musica and Sounding Bodies

For whom

Ideal for families (pairs consisting of 1 child aged 2 to 6 and 1 adult) who want to experience a magical moment together.


+/- 40 minutes


8 euro per person


Max 2 adults per child, each participant must buy a ticket, so both children and adults must be in possession of their own ticket.

When booking a ticket for the premiere of KOKOON+ on Saturday 8 June 2024, you agree that images taken during the performance will be used for promotional purposes.


Saturday 8 June 2024, at 2:30 and 4:30 pm


Cultuurcentrum ‘t Getouw, Mol

Babelut Workshops 

For babies, toddlers and preschoolers, music is one big experiment. To respond to this, Musica organises workshops in which you as a parent or carer enter into a musical dialogue with your child, discovering all about the sound of voice and body. The music teacher guides you and ensures that spontaneity and play are central. […]

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