Schatten van Vlieg in Het Klankenbos

Het Klankenbos

Tibbedaan, the friendly gnome, lives deep inside Het Klankenbos. He lives in a hollowed-out tree trunk and prepares all kinds of dishes with hazelnuts in his cosy little kitchen: hazelnut porridge, hazelnut puree, hazelnut soup and hazelnut stew. As you can guess, Tibbedaan is a bit fed up with all those hazelnuts!

Will you be the one to help Tibbedaan discover new delicacies in Het Klankenbos? What do the other inhabitants of the forest eat? Cup your ears, follow the path and earn a reward from Tibbedaan! Put on sturdy shoes, sun cream on your nose and don’t forget to bring a pen or pencil for the journey because the search takes place in the forest.

After the treasure hunt, the kids can have fun in the playground down the road. Take time to relax and enjoy a drink in one of the (summer) bars nearby.


From Monday 1 July to Saturday 31 August 2024


Het Klankenbos, Pelt

© Karolien Van Nerum

Het Klankenbos

Het Klankenbos is a physical place: a park in Pelt with eighteen physical and virtual sound installations. Some are there temporarily, others permanently. Its size and accessibility make this collection unique in Europe. The Sound Forest inspires young and old to consciously experience sound and environment. There is plenty to do around Het Klankenbos. You […]

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