Step into the world of music with your class. Musica organises a working week full of sound, music, movement and dance, for pupils and teachers from the 2nd and 3rd grades of primary school education. Trips to other musical domains based on the annual theme provide a special dynamic and a show moment with a character all of its own. As a teacher, you are not alone: the Musica music educators are in charge during the working week. It is your creative task to develop a number of elements further with your pupils. During a familiarisation day, we will also introduce you to the theme and approach.


175 euros per person.

Included: the compulsory familiarisation day (teachers) + Musicaklassen – meals, four-hour break and overnight stays from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon.

Because of the familiarisation day for teachers, among other things, part of the cost can be submitted as post-training.

Take your class to our venue for free? You can, thanks to dynamoOPWEG. Click here for more information.

Info and reservations

For additional information or to book Musicaklassen, contact Musica on 011 610 510 or


Music classes run from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon in Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof in Pelt. In the evenings and on Fridays, there is room for activities you choose yourself.


Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Pelt

Students sleep in two- to four-bed rooms with in-room sanitary facilities. The restaurant is located near the accommodation building. In the immediate vicinity are a play forest, sports fields, a playground and a swimming pool complex.