Tonal Tools

At Musica, we believe we achieve the most by connecting the right people. That is at the heart of our research project CONNECT, connecting experts, teachers and performers. CONNECT focuses on the practical differences between art and education and aims to bridge them. We make the connection between music and habits of the past and present, between practice and theory, between creativity and skill.

CONNECT I: Tonal Tools

In early 2012, 12 passionate teachers from Flemish part-time arts education came together to research historical partimento practice on keyboard and connect it to current teaching in jazz and light music. From this came Tonal Tools, an inspirational book. This is a kind of contemporary ‘toolbox’ for creatively engaging with tonal music. The book offers tools for discovering tonal polyphony on keyboard by ear and intuition. A centuries-old tradition and current scientific insight come together here.

Tonal Tools is not a new keyboard method – you can integrate it into existing teaching practice as you wish. Even those who have little or no experience with creative music-making can learn the material with some time and practice.