Between Heaven and Earth

Het Klankenbos

With “Between Heaven and Earth”, Limpe Fuchs presents two resonating sound sculptures driven by air movements and human interactions, like a pendulum between earthly and celestial spheres.

This installation was created through a special collaboration between Fuchs and various care users from Covida vzw, ZOG Genk, DAC De Start, pupils of primary school De Reinpad and Musica. Through workshops and joint creative explorations, a profound connection was created, merging personal stories, emotions and expression.

You can experience the soft, almost mystical atmosphere when you enter the space where “Between Heaven and Earth” is set up. Sound sculptures float in the air, suspended on thin wires, like dancing puppets waiting to be brought to life. You are immersed in an enchanting symphony of delicate harmonies and lively dialogues between the different sculptures.

This interactive sound environment invites contemplation and introspection, encouraging you to listen, feel and experience. Sound becomes a medium that transcends the boundaries of language and communicates directly with the soul. Inspired by participants’ stories and experiences, the sounds form a connecting web that unites the human experience and the transcendent.

© Karolien Van Nerum

Het Klankenbos

Het Klankenbos is a physical place: a park in Pelt with eighteen physical and virtual sound installations. Some are there temporarily, others permanently. Its size and accessibility make this collection unique in Europe. The Sound Forest inspires young and old to consciously experience sound and environment. There is plenty to do around Het Klankenbos. You […]

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