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Discover the future sounds of Dessel: a unique concert

On 29 May, we invite you to an extraordinary concert where the future of Dessel comes to life through music. Sounds of the Future is the result of a DJ/Producers Project that celebrates the creative minds of our young talents and shows how Dessel might sound in 300 years time. The concert is the culmination of this innovative project that brings together music, technology and environmental awareness.

Students from the Academy of Music and Word, AMW, MOL will undertake a fascinating journey through sound under the guidance of experienced DJ/Producers. During two workshops, provided by Musi-co, they mix the existing sounds of Dessel with their own compositions and run them through an advanced AI engine to capture a future vision of Dessel in music.

The 300-year timeframe was chosen because of its significance, being the time it takes for low-level radioactive waste to degrade safely, a process which is now taking place at the Tabloo site. The project serves as a bridge between the present, the future and the extended history of our community, whilst raising awareness about the long-term effects of our actions on the environment and society.

This DJ/Producers Project is an initiative of Musica Impulse Centre and Tabloo, in collaboration with the Academy of Music and Word AMW MOL, Musi-co, Stora and the municipality of Dessel, as part of Sounds Now, co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.


Start of project: Monday 19 February 2024
Workshops in Academy of Music and Word AMW MOL: Wednesday 21 & 28 February and 17 & 24 April 2024
Workshops conducted by Musi-co: Wednesday 6 and 13 March 2024, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm
Concerts: Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 2:00 (try-out) and 3:30 pm


Start of project: Monday 19 February 2024
Concerts: Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 2 p.m. and 3.30 p.m.


Centre square in Tabloo, Dessel


Musica enters into a long-term cooperation with visitors’ centre Tabloo in Dessel. This is a connecting meeting place resulting from a co-design with local partners. Musica will set up participatory music and sound projects at Tabloo, focusing on time and the connection between different generations.

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Sounds Now 

Musica is project leader and partner of Sounds Now, a major collaborative project between nine international music festivals and cultural centres. Together, we encourage curators to seek diversity and aim to change the balance of power in music and sound art. Sounds Now is supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.

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