Curating Voices of Otherness

Wars, conflicts, and various crises are never gender-neutral because they affect the whole of society, which is itself not gender-neutral. Those crises, both social and political as well as crises of values, affect women, non-binary and transgender persons in a particular way due to the intersectional discrimination they face, which is based on a combination of various characteristics or identities (migrant or refugee women, non-binary and transgender persons, persons of color or Roma persons, differently-abled persons, persons in poverty crisis, aged persons, non-heterosexual persons, persons with caring responsibilities, and so on). Aside from discrimination, women, non-binary and transgender persons often experience gender-based violence, especially when they find themselves in situations of precarity. Remaining silent is a common survival strategy. Moreover, women, non-binary, and transgender persons’ voices are often brutally silenced. Art seems to be the only language available to be heard. Art, music, and sound become political.

The symposium will be an interdisciplinary discussion (both theoretical and practical) on what it means to curate and create under oppression, facing hostilities and existential precarity. We will share and discuss diverse women, non-binary, and transgender persons’ experiences of facing crises, analyze what difficulties marginalised persons face within the creative sector, and try to understand to what extent their creative participation can be resilient and fluid in situations of emergency. During the two-day symposium, you will meet curators, activists, and artists including Elham Puriya Mehr and Alicja Czyczel amongst others, dealing with the ethics of otherness, with a specific focus on women, trans- and non-binary persons in the contexts of music and sound. Some activities will be conducted in smaller working groups (please, register using the link below), and some will be open to the general public.

Programme and registrations


Friday 22 to Saturday 23 September 2023, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm


Space for Contemporary Music, Warsaw, Poland

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Sounds Now 

Musica is project leader and partner of Sounds Now, a major collaborative project between nine international music festivals and cultural centres. Together, we encourage curators to seek diversity and aim to change the balance of power in music and sound art. Sounds Now is supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.

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Symposium Curating Diversity 

Sounds Now organises a two-day symposium every year. In 2024, Musica may shape this together with Transit. Starting from the theme ‘diversity’, experts, composers, musicians, writers, academics and curators from other art forms will together shed light on the concept of ‘music curatorship’. A unique event!

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