AlbaNova Reeks

A look back at The landscape in change

Thank you for inviting us to the special concert ‘The landscape in change’.

We enjoyed the beautiful venue and inspiring works presented on that evening.

First, a musical landscape in its various forms and meanings, skillfully and flawlessly brought by the ever enthusiastic Hermes ensemble. These inspired musicians took us into a new, complex world of sounds, each time introduced by a word from the composer himself. Through the use of projection, the composers were still present in the hall, which gave the whole concert an extra dimension.

A true homage to Wim Henderickx as inspirer of the Times project.

Jacob Smits’ exhibition brought the landscape visually in a very different way, it brought us back to our surroundings and roots. Another solid artistic experience.

Thank you very much for this beautiful evening. We are honoured that Musica brings such initiatives to us and continues to excite us in this way.

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