A look back at Babelut Parcours IGLO

Lured by a soulful voice and the sparkling sound of crystals, you walk carefully into an ice world. It’s cold outside, it might be stormy. 
You hear all sorts of unknown sounds, but yet sit safe and sound in a large igloo. Until it’s once again time to leave the igloo and explore the rest of the ice world. 
Maybe you will discover where all the sounds are coming from …

A true spectacle
For eyes and ears 
Filled with music,
fun & games and quality time
for the whole family​


Ruben Martinez Orio  (percussionist) – Helene Bracke (mezzo soprano, actor) – Daan Verlaan (harpist, tenor) – Dorine De Keyser (flutist) – Inez Verhille (choreographer, dancer) – Hans Vercauteren & Lente Verelst  (composers) – Sarah Verhulst (coach) – Larserik Linden (scenography)

IGLO is a co-production by Musica, C-TAKT and Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof

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