OORtreders Festival 

Artists explore sound environments in interactive performance

It’s almost time! In October, Musica, in collaboration with C-TAKT, presents the newest edition of OORtreders Festival. This year, the festival brings, among other things, a special collaboration between sound artist Stijn Demeulenaere and the dynamic duo The Third Guy (percussionist Ruben Orio and guitarist Primož Sukič), who will present an updated version of their performance Everybody Lives Here.

In Everybody Lives Here, the artists explore the sonic essence of spaces and places by adding their own sounds to them. Using field recordings and live musical instruments, they allow their sounds to interact with the natural sound environment of the location. This real-time interaction results in a layering of sounds that in turn interact with each other, creating a unique listening experience.

A crucial part of the preparation for this special performance was the short residency at Het Klankenbos in early April. Listening, recording, playing: during these five days, Demeulenaere and The Third Guy explored how to realise a connection with the vastness of the domain. The result of their research will be heard on Friday 18 October 2024, in the ever-changing setting of Het Klankenbos. 

Don’t miss this unique event! OORtreders will take place from 18 to 20 October 2024. Be there and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of sound art and interaction.

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