hEAR DROPS  Parcours


The latest hEAR DROPS video @ASTRA focuses on cosmic sounds. Immerse yourself in the different energies of the universe. Be inspired by the musical material of one of the planets and explore, experiment and improvise together. What does your universe sound like? There are probably undiscovered planets. What would they sound like, and what might be typical of such a planet?

hEAR DROPS is known for each episode containing an ‘artlink’ to a work or artist. This particular episode highlights the performance Babelut Parcours @ASTRA. Babelut Parcours is a musical journey of discovery for children aged 0 to 5. Musicians take children and their parents/carers on an experiential journey full of musical interaction, musical theatre and sound installations. In this way, we sharpen all the senses and keep young ears stimulated. The video of Babelut Parcours @ASTRA will be available at a later date.

Babelut Parcours is a concept of Musica Impulse Centre. @ASTRA is a co-production of Musica and C-TAKT.

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