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Go to the sun and back with Babelut Parcours @ASTRA!

Babelut Parcours returns with an exciting new theme: @ASTRA. Children and (grand)parents get actively involved during the performance and adjacent sound garden. Play and discover music from space, together with three top international musicians: Danae Bletsa, Birgit Eecloo and Joeri Wens.


Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 November 2023, showings at 10:00 am and 1:30 and 3:30 pm


Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Pelt

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Become the world family of Gaia and/or Fernando and bring adventure into your home!

From 1 September 2023, two new AFS volunteers will join our team for a year. We are looking for one or two host families near Pelt (preferably in the North Limburg area) who can provide a home, either for the full duration or part of their stay.

Meet Italian Gaia Capitanio and Spanish Fernando Tarrancón! These volunteers will be working at Musica Impulse Centre in Pelt.

Gaia is neat, has her affairs in order and helps out in the household. She can easily adapt to new situations. She is also sporty and she has several hobbies such as listening to music, going to concerts and visiting musicals.

Gaia looks forward to living in Flanders and discovering more about our culture and traditions.

Fernando is a musician who is passionate about culture in all its facets. He plays the piano and makes his own music. Occasionally, he performs at an open mic to recite his poems. With his band The Rollovers, he also rehearses often.

To volunteer, Fernando is taking a break from his job in Spain. During his stay, he is looking forward to getting to know our culture better, learning some Dutch and meeting new people. Above all, he hopes to build a warm relationship with his host family. Fernando takes care of others and other people’s belongings, he is tidy and takes care in his responsibilities around the house. He has, in his own words, “lots of love to give”!

Gaia and Fernando receive a daily allowance with which they can provide for their own leisure time. Medical and other personal costs are covered by AFS Vlaanderen.

Do you have a spot for (one of) our volunteers? Contact

Would you like to get to know Gaia and Fernando? They introduce themselves in the videos below:

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hEAR DROPS #18: Tutti Flutti

The new hEAR DROPS video Tutti Flutti focuses on whistling. This is sometimes quite difficult but learning to whistle shows that you are growing up and connecting with the world around you.

There are countless ways to whistle, often linked to local traditions. They require time and perseverance to master. Just trying a method out offers a host of  opportunities to play with timbres.

Every hEAR DROPS is accompanied by an ‘Artlink’ to a well-known work of art or artist. This time it is Whistling Bach´s Badinerie by Ravi Srinivasan.

The colorite of this episode was inspired by Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) by David Hockney (1972).

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Labo Curatorship  Parcours

Open call: Labo Curatorship 2023

Would you like to curate and create a play environment for the very young together with Musica? Then sign up now for Labo Curatorship!

In 2023, Musica will organise the biannual Labo Curatorship. This will bring together experienced coaches with a diverse group of creatives. Musica and a guest coach guide the participants artistically, business-wise, production-wise and communicatively. With cool results, as the new curators/co-creators take part in Babelut Parcours @ASTRA.

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International Young Artist's Presentation 

Six ensembles, six concerts

We can now share this news with you: a professional jury selected six ensembles from 24 submissions in recent weeks to take part in the International Young Artist Presentation 2023. The chosen ensembles will come to Antwerp for a few days this summer to be intensively coached by Peter Van Heyghen and Raquel Andueza on their presentations. 

Congratulations to the ensembles!

  • Vestigium Ensemble (BE)
  • Contre le Temps (CH)
  • Liane Sadler & Elias Conrad (CH)
  • Duo Yamane (BE)
  • Rubens Rosa (CH)
  • Apollo’s Cabinet (GB)

On Saturday 19 August 2023, you can see the selected IYAP ensembles at work. With an IYAP day ticket, you won’t miss anything from this young guard and their musical ability.

IYAP is collaboration between Musica Impulse Centre and AMUZ (Festival of Flanders Antwerp)

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Babelut Workshops 

A look back at Babelut Route

The participants in the training programme ‘Babelut Route’ developed a mini-workshop for toddlers! An exciting route full of creativity and learning…

Try-out sessions were scheduled on Saturday 6 May. Participants then had the chance to try out their mini-workshops and see how they work in practice. It was a great opportunity to get feedback and make any adjustments.

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Time capsule 

A look back at Time capsule Turangalîla

The participation project Time Capsule Turangalîla is now complete.

Over the course of three workshop days during the Easter holidays, 16 participants aged 8 to 72 from all corners of the world made music together under the direction of Osama Abdulrasol and Hilde De Clerck. The musicians were inspired by the Turangalîla Symphony, a work larger than life by Messiaen.

Nobody knew beforehand what the final result would be, but on Wednesday 3 May, the participants proudly showed their beautiful performance to the audience of a sold-out chamber music hall in Concertgebouw Brugge. This performance was an intense and beautiful experience. The beautiful aftermovie will appear online soon!

On Friday 5 May, the participants went together to watch the Turangalîla Symphony, performed by Brussels Philharmonic & Kazushi Ono.

Many thanks to all participants, musicians and attendees!

Time capsule Turangalîla is a collaboration between Musica Impulscentrum and Concertgebouw Brugge, in the framework of Sounds Now, co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.

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hEAR DROPS  SenseSquared

hEAR DROPS #17: Cradle (of) Art

The new hEAR DROPS video Cradle (of) Art focuses on parent-infant interaction. Connecting with newborn babies is all about musicality.

Playing with our voice, gestures and mimicry, the baby and the infant-caregiver communicate the most important aspects of life – namely belonging and relations. The melody of our voice, the pulse and rhythm, the dynamic of human body behavior will make sense to the little baby long before they understand verbal communication. These musical conversations are our most natural form of expression as humans. The baby becomes an equal partner using their innate musicality to imitate but also to create; playing with sound, melody and rhythm. The baby not only imitates but is also taking initiative.

Every hEAR DROPS is accompanied by an ‘Artlink’ to a well-known work of art or artist. This time it is the dialogue between the guitar and sax in “Lily was here”, a clear example of call and response.

This episode is the result of a collaboration between Musica and Stavanger University in the context of the Erasmus+ project SenseSquared, co-funded by the European Union.

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AlbaNova Reeks

A look back at The landscape in change

Thank you for inviting us to the special concert ‘The landscape in change’.

We enjoyed the beautiful venue and inspiring works presented on that evening.

First, a musical landscape in its various forms and meanings, skillfully and flawlessly brought by the ever enthusiastic Hermes ensemble. These inspired musicians took us into a new, complex world of sounds, each time introduced by a word from the composer himself. Through the use of projection, the composers were still present in the hall, which gave the whole concert an extra dimension.

A true homage to Wim Henderickx as inspirer of the Times project.

Jacob Smits’ exhibition brought the landscape visually in a very different way, it brought us back to our surroundings and roots. Another solid artistic experience.

Thank you very much for this beautiful evening. We are honoured that Musica brings such initiatives to us and continues to excite us in this way.

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MusiMatrix / Oorspoor

A look back at MusiMatrix with Nemø Ensemble

Once again Concertgebouw Brugge was the setting for a magical MusiMatrix trail. More than 1,500 six-year-olds were immersed in contemporary music for a week. Seven ‘astro-performers’ from Nemø Ensemble took them on a journey through their galaxy.  

Watch the aftermovie of MusiMatrix:

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Het Klankenbos

WANTED: (Old) OUTSIDE doors for sound installation Doors of Listening in Het Klankenbos

Do you still have an old exterior door you are not doing anything with?

Donate your door and who knows, maybe it will become part of the permanent collection of Het Klankenbos. Unfortunately we cannot use sliding and interior doors, but all other types and materials are welcome: both wood and metal.

Usable dimensions for the doors:

  • 73.0 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 82.0 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 86.0 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 87.5 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 88.0 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 88.0 cm wide x 4.5-5.0 cm deep

Would you like to donate an exterior door to art? Contact us at or on +32 (0)11 610 510.

About the sound installation

The installation is the result of a collaborative process with the residents of the Red Cross Refugee Center Overpelt. In a participatory process they were guided to express themselves through sound. Through the doors, you hear songs, memories, stories, voices and dreams of people on the run. They literally get a place in the landscape and in this way claim their presence and audibility.


Het Klankenbos

Forest Game Tandroor

Collect all Tandroor words and discover the secret of Tandroor in Klankenbos!

The forest game Tandroor is only available in Dutch.

Listen carefully, sharpen your ears and follow the sound trail of Tandroor.

Take your time, do not lose time… at infopoint Radio Forest you will find a sound map that you can use. On your way, you will encounter sound installations hidden in the greenery and at seven stops, you will discover a short game and accompanying word.

Are you able to collect all the words and turn them into a sentence that you can sing? Then you have unraveled the secret of Het Klankenbos, which indicates the secret location of the treasure!

You can participate for free every day. You can find sound maps in Infopoint Radio Forest or download it here, to print at home. Disinfectant hand gel is available at the Infopoint. Dress for the weather, because the game takes place outdoors! Keep in mind: some stops/sound installations are (more) difficult to reach with a pushchair.

For whom

For everyone from 5 years and up, play with your family or with a large group in teams


1 hours




The starting point is the info point in Radio Forest, behind the Musica office (Toekomstlaan 5B, 3910 Pelt)


It is not necessary to book in advance

This game is only available in Dutch

Concept, illustrations & game by Appelsien + Ananas:

Make a day trip out of your visit and combine the forest game with a snack and drink at restaurant Oud Dommelhof, let the children take a break at the nearby playground De Scoutsrally, have your lunch on one of the picnic benches or take a nice walk in Nature Reserve Het Hageven- De Plateaux (5 km away).

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