hEAR DROPS  SenseSquared

hEAR DROPS #17: Cradle (of) Art

The new hEAR DROPS video Cradle (of) Art focuses on parent-infant interaction. Connecting with newborn babies is all about musicality.

Playing with our voice, gestures and mimicry, the baby and the infant-caregiver communicate the most important aspects of life – namely belonging and relations. The melody of our voice, the pulse and rhythm, the dynamic of human body behavior will make sense to the little baby long before they understand verbal communication. These musical conversations are our most natural form of expression as humans. The baby becomes an equal partner using their innate musicality to imitate but also to create; playing with sound, melody and rhythm. The baby not only imitates but is also taking initiative.

Every hEAR DROPS is accompanied by an ‘Artlink’ to a well-known work of art or artist. This time it is the dialogue between the guitar and sax in “Lily was here”, a clear example of call and response.

This episode is the result of a collaboration between Musica and Stavanger University in the context of the Erasmus+ project SenseSquared, co-funded by the European Union.

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