hEAR DROPS #21: Singing the Game

The latest hEAR DROPS video Singing the Game focuses on the voice. Throughout the day we often make quite a lot of expressive sounds as we support many of our activities with our voice. For example, to imitate other sounds, to illustrate a movement, to express joy, surprise, disappointment or during a special effort. These sounds often lead to spontaneous good use of the voice, even in those who would otherwise not be inclined to sing. You can use these expressive sounds as a trigger to get from there to real singing. For example, imitating each other’s voices can be a good exercise to warm up and even to get over your fear of singing together.

hEAR DROPS is known for each episode containing an ‘artlink’ to a work or artist. This particular episode highlights Mosquito Massacre from Bugs Opus 93 by Paul Patterson (2003).

The colour scheme of this episode was inspired by Flemish painter Gustave Van de Woestyne’s painting Deeske (1902).

This episode is the result of a collaboration between Musica and Stavanger University in the context of the Erasmus+ project SenseSquared, co-funded by the European Union.

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